by 7dasy2go

Our Expert Intervention Bootcamp Series aim to reach specific goals during seven day sprints with the help of experts across ten different business areas. Every bootcamp is designed for ten participants ready to take action around the topics covered by our experts. Check our current bootcamps below and get the party started! 

Can’t find what you are looking for? Would you want our experts to design a tailored bootcamp for your business? Feel free to share it with us via [email protected] 

As the Expert Intervention Bootcamp Series lead I am ready to help entrepreneurs bringing new business propositions to market in weeks instead of years. Using lean startup methodologies, I will guide you to build products and services that solve problems in the market.


Soy Cristhian, experto en marketing digital para proyectos de alto impacto. Le brindo a tu organización 14 años de experiencia en los Estados Unidos, España y Colombia como miembro de equipo, director y consultor de grandes corporaciones, municipalidades, campañas presidenciales, ONGs globales, universidades, Y Combinator y Endeavor startups y otras figuras públicas.


I am Cristhian, digital marketing expert with 14 years of experience in the United States, Spain and Colombia. I have worked as a team member, director and consultant for large corporations, municipalities, presidential campaigns, global NGOs, universities, Y Combinator and Endeavor startups and other public figures.

In addition to a validated experience, with me you can focus on specific goals, to achieve high-performance campaigns.

My methodology is simple and pragmatic: marketing must be ROI focused and branding is just a tool to achieve the results you are looking for.

As CEO and founder of my own marketing agency in Colombia, I offer my consulting services in digital marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation policies, I can help you in marketing strategies, data analysis, SEA, SEO, Inbound Marketing, ROI / ROAS , CAC optimization, WordPress site creation and launch of business ideas.