Improve your Relationships Course


September 11


04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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WeWork Weesperstraat 61 4th Floor

Weesperstraat 61-105, 1018 VN Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Nh, NL, 1018 VN

Learn why you react in a certain way in specific situations and how you could improve towards building better relationships.

Have you ever wondered why this one colleague pushes all your buttons all the time whereas with others you can work fine? Did you ever wish you would have reacted in a more mature way in a certain situation with your customer? Or would you like to learn to have more meaningful communication with certain family members?

These free two hours course gives you an insight into why you react in a certain way in specific situations and how you could improve yourself in becoming more mature in communication and collaboration.

These two hours investment in yourself will be fun and will change the way you look at relationships forever!

About the speaker:

Frits Meijer has a wealth of experience as a leader in international commercial businesses, including Mobile Telecoms, Finance, Insurance and FMCG industries. During those years he regularly had to deal with the challenges these companies faced in order to stay in business. This knowledge and experience forms the basis for his training and coaching programs.

Over the years, Frits has managed both direct and remote teams; often consisting of employees from different cultures and levels of maturity. In each company Frits has trained and coached staff and managers to become better versions of themselves. He also created a truly unique management assessment program based on realistic interactive role play scenarios. The outcome of this program is an individual baseline for further management development and provides valuable insight for succession planning.

Frits is a certified Life Coach and Familieopsteller (Systematic Constellations), registered at the De Stichting Nederlandse Orde van Beroeps Coaches (Foundation Dutch Order of Professional Coaches).

RSVP asap since only have 10 spots available for this course.

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