Taking Your Health Back for Serious Entrepreneurs



61 Weesperstraat, 1018 VN Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NH, NL, 1018 VN

Every entrepreneur has to juggle between running the business and building a healthy lifestyle to guarantee long term success. With summer around the corner, we are happy to focus on health as a fundamental aspect for every business owner.

Our amazing speaker Helen Magnani is our special guest for this event. She is based in Los Angeles and has over 10 years of experience as an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner & Holistic Nutrition Specialist.

What you will learn:

– What it means to be healthy
– How to balance naturally
– How to understand what makes your body feel stronger versus weaker
– Simple things you can adjust today that will make a huge difference in your health
– Actionable steps to take to prevent imbalances and disease
– Introduction to Jermaine, an athlete implementing these tips in his training
– Key takeaways include an understanding of your relationship to nutrition

Who is more than welcome to join this event?
– Entrepreneurs looking forward to:
– Becoming health conscious interested in wellness
– Learning more about nutrition, natural healing, and how to find balance naturally to feel their best.

A little disclaimer 🙂
This event is focused on redefining health. We aren’t going to discuss trendy things to get healthy, but instead have a conversation on how to think about health so you can intuitively know the best thing for you, naturally.

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