I am a young entrepreneur leading a social start up and working as a freelancer next to it. I have a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Economics and 3 years of experience in business development. As a cofounder of a successful start up, I have gained plenty of knowledge and experience in how to start and build up your own company, how to educate the market in a new concept and how to keep the user involved in your idea.
I am an expert in: 1. Marketing and business development 2. Business administration 3. Event management 4. Business strategy and organisation
As a freelancer I am mostly involved in creating photo and video content for marketing purposes of my own business and an online magazine and its network.
I can help you with: 1. Consultancy, planning and creation of a crowdfunding campaign for your business (including photo and video content) 2. Consultancy, strategic planning and content creation of marketing campaigns for your business (including photo and video content) 3. Consultancy on visual side of your social media (e.g. : Company’s Facebook page, Facebook event page, landing page of a website, etc.) 4. Photography and videography at events and special occasions

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