How to create a successful business with the right fundamentals in place


Do you have a brilliant business idea and are you keen to learn what needs to be in place to launch it successfully? Or are you in business already but you find it hard to get any clients? Let’s get back to the fundamentals and learn everything about the lean startup principles. Fix the fundamentals and (re)-launch your business in just a few week’s time. The sessions are highly practical. On a weekly basis, we create a weekly assignment for you to start implementing and building straight away. These are the steps you will put into practice:

1. Your mission and business goals
2. Who is your ideal client
3. What are the problems of your ideal client
4. The value proposition you want to launch into the market
5. Experimentation plan to validate your solution.
6. Proposition and communication plan.
7. Product eco-system and customer journey

Depending on what fundamentals you have in place already we can make a custom plan for you. Contact us for more information.

 For who?

  • For business owners who just started
  • For business owners who want to re-define their business fundamentals
  • For business owners that want to professionalize their current business and put the basics into place

Duration: 1hr