How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn


Learn how do you generate high-quality leads via LinkedIn.

Just like with an ad, for it to be effective people need to react very quickly and it should trigger immediately.

The reason this is so important is that nowadays we have very little time to get the attention of our ideal target audience, 36 seconds according to research. If you don’t get the attention immediately, potential customers/partners/hiring staff won’t stick around.

The same is true on LinkedIn. Whatever your goal with LinkedIn is, to be successful on LinkedIn always starts with a LinkedIn profile that stands out in the right way.

When your profile is different from others, and it’s stand out, it leads people to:

  • Make contact with you
  • Get to know you
  • Hire you for a job
  • Work with you

In other words, they are more likely to approach you and want to talk to you.

For who?

  • Entrepreneurs basing their business model in networking
  • People who seek to improve the Linkedin leads

Duration: 3 hours