LinkedIn Profile optimization & Custom strategy session


Learn how to unlock the power of your LinkedIn Profile

Ideally, your Linkedin Profile should work as a personal website. During this session, we will turn your profile into the Ultimate Linkedin Profile. Professionally, your goal should be to have a profile that is easily found and that helps you expand your network.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform, but most don’t get enough out of their personal LinkedIn profile. They have no idea how to get from a ‘CV’ to a recruiting profile, resulting in:

  • That your profile is not easy to find, meaning that people cannot find you and approach you.
  • That your profile is being viewed, but your introduction and information are mediocre, and that primary things are missing in the profile.
  • That your profile doesn’t even make it clear who you are and it is not standing out.

In this session, you will learn the basics of your LinkedIn profile so that you can position yourself as an expert within your field by making optimal use of the possibilities that are available. To find the right job for yourself, or to attract customers for your company, a well-built LinkedIn profile is an important basis.

For who?

  • Entrepreneurs basing their business model in networking
  • People who seek to improve the Linkedin leads

Duration: 1 hour

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