Create a value proposition your clients will love


Did you know that most startups fail because they never validated their business concept?

In this session, you will learn how to create a value proposition your clients will love. Learn how to validate what your customers need and how to create a crystal clear offer they can’t refuse.

The results after 2 sessions:
– You will have a clear view of who your ideal customer is and what their pain points are
– You will have validated your customer’s pain points with real customer insights
– You will have the first version of your value proposition to go to market with

Get the tools you need to build a business your clients will love. Curiosity will be your best friend. Learn everything about assumptions and how to test them. After the first session you will be put to work get insights from real consumers. In the second session we will use these insights to develop your business proposition. For business owners who just started

For who?

  • For business owners who just started
  • For business owners who still need to work on their value proposition
  • For business owners that want to create new services for their customers and need help validating their ideas

Duration: 4hr – divided into 2 sessions