Social Media Storytelling: from inspiring story to persuasive content


Masterclass Storytelling (min 6, max 18 participants)

In this 60 minutes workshop I explain why storytelling is so powerful, how the human brain reacts to storytelling, how storytelling is used in your favorite Hollywood movies (based on the Hero’s Journey, the most important storytelling framework) and how you can use this framework to create persuasive and inspiring content for social media, website, email, and more.

After the class you know:

  • How the brain responds to stories and how to tell stories in a persuasive way
  • Learn how to identify the Hero’s Journey everywhere around you in daily life so that you will be able to easily identify persuasive and inspiring stories to share with your audience.
  • How to write a great story with a very easy but super powerful to use template.
  • Success factors of great storytelling / writing.

Duration: 120 min (60 min presentation, 60 min QA)

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